God Orchestrates

Kumusta! Greetings from the Philippines!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after some 30 hours of travel.

Three months ago we had no idea we’d be finding ourselves in the tropics of southeast Asia. Here’s how God orchestrated that one…

Jason and I were stationed in San Diego County to finish his second year of active duty in the Marine Corps. We knew that he had a 60-day “no touch” period of R&R starting mid-October, so we started praying about where God wanted to use us for those two months.

With no kids yet and our stuff still in government storage, we decided on a missions trip. We were looking into Ghana where we sponsor a Compassion child, or maybe serving at a couple orphanages in Mexico, when I get a phone call from my dad:

“Hey Steph, I have this idea.  I know it may be a longshot, but what if we surprised your mother for our anniversary with a trip to the Philippines?…”


Within a couple of weeks, our tickets are booked and our travels are planned: two weeks with my mother’s family in her small hometown barrio, then one month of ministering to street children in the heart of metro Manila, (with ACTION International Ministries).

We’re still pretty humbled to be here, to see how God worked everything together to bring us here…

And stinkin’ pumped to see how God moves here!

Stay posted on our upcoming posts:
-Life in a small-town tropical barrio
-Steph delivers a baby and Jason cuts the umbilical cord!
-Our first encounter with Manila’s street children

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