I remember the day Jason sat me down and said the words:

Steph, I think God is calling me into the military.

Gasp.  We had been seriously praying about engagement and knew that marriage was very possibly a reality in the near-future.  It made sense and was all adding up, and then… this.

I have to be honest, my heart was far from open to it at first.  I had my own life-calling and was struggling with how medical missions lined up with a military life.  I knew nothing about what it meant to be a wife of a serviceman, other than the months apart, the frequent moving, and the career-bust, right?


Well, as it turns out, our time in the military had proved to be one of the greatest adventures of our lives. (So far). (I mean, we’re only 25 ;) )

Here is a place that I wanted to share all things military with you.  There was so much learned from the experience, and I would’ve KILLED to have had this advice before learning it all on my own.  From moving to deploying to navigating on-base to learning Marine Corps lingo…  A blog with such knowledge would have been a gold-mine.


So whether you are serving in the military, a spouse of a service member, considering becoming a military family, or just plain curious about military living, these posts are for you.

Godspeed and Oo-rah!


Posts coming soon about:

  • Deployment
  • Fellowship/OCF
  • Living on or off base
  • Budgeting
  • Deployment Package Thoughts & Ideas
  • Connecting with Other Spouses
  • How to do a DITY or military move
  • On-Base: the Basics
  • Resources (military one source, your FRO, studies, etc)

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