Jason and I are very blessed to have had the opportunity to travel… a lot.  Between deployments and mission trips, family and leisure, we’ve seen a few places.

Here are a few posts recounting those experiences…

Where in the World are the Mox’s?
Middle East
Operation Enduring Freedom I
Operation Enduring Freedom II
Operation Enduring Freedom III


God Orchestrates

Jason: Marine or Midwife?

Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda
Smallest Active Volcano in the World
Camp for Street Children
Be Here When I Get Back
Feeding Very Hungry Kids
Meet the Street Children
Camp Follow-up
From Robbing Taxis to Loving Jesus: Kids Home International


Bolivia or Bust!
On Oprhans, Burn Units, and Other Things…


Ecuadorian Culture in 15 Points or Less
Saludes de Ecuador!
First Week at la Clinica
Feliz Cumpleanos–An Ecuadorian Birthday Party
Spending Christmas a Little Closer to Bethlehem
A Typical Day at the Ecuadorian ER
Despedida, Goodbye Party
La Basilica Cathedral
The Cloud Forest
Estefania and the Seven Dwarfs
Definitely Not in Kansas Anymore
A Day in the Cloud Forest
Middle of the World–The Equator
EFC & Kaduvan’s Story

IMAG1333  9022b-pic17  ecaudor falls

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