Last Day in Jax

Morning, folks!

My time in Jacksonville is quickly coming to an end!  I’ve had a wonderful time relaxing in the warm weather with my dear friend Nicole and getting to know her cute-as-a-button little one, Margot.


Oh, and falling in love with her pup Brody, of course.




Speaking of Brody, he was my trusty companion on this morning’s run around the neighborhood.  He was a such a good boy.


Time to go?

It was a good jog.  My body had some issues adjusting to the weather.  It’s strange working out in sub-freezing temperatures one day to humid 60’s weather in a matter of days.  It’s like my body forgot how to sweat.


From this last week…


to this today!



For lunch I made myself a butternut squash and spinach salad, similar to this one.  Margot loves orange squash.  She also loves to wear it.


That’s a nice look, M.  Keep it up and you’ll save Mom & Dad a lot of worrying about bringing a boy home.

I enjoyed my salad with shredded parmesan cheese and a handful of organic raisins.  I wonder if it’s easier buying organic in sunny Florida versus the frozen Midwest where fresh fruit doubles in price during the winter season!




So, I haven’t quite gotten to doing my quiet time yet…  But I plan to get to my reading this afternoon!  I know it’s dangerous for me to not do it first thing in the morning or right before bed the night before, because the day has a slippery habit of slipping away from me!

But today I’m anxious to getting some guitar songs learned before jumping on my plane home tomorrow.  (Jason and I are heading for Myrtle Beach on Friday to serve as leaders with our church’s youth Spring Break trip.  We’re stoked!)

I just found out that I’m leading the musical worship and need to learn like 15 songs by Friday.  So I had better get moving!


Have a fabulous Hump Day; check in with you tomorrow!



When do you do your quiet times?  First thing in the morning, or right before bed?

I found that when I was single, at night right before bed was the best time for me to read my Bible since there were less distractions.  But now that I’m married and match my bedtime with my husband’s, I’ve been doing them in them morning after my workout.

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