Wut Up, Kentucky

Hey, guys! 

We are in Ken-tuuh-key.  (The long “uhh” is to represent the suhh-thern accent of the friendly hotel receptionist that checked us in at 2am this morning. She somehow maintained her friendly smile as 45 high schoolers spilled into the lobby, asking if there’d be waffles with the continental breakfast.  Only in the south is that kind of hospitality maintained.


We split up the kids among the leaders, and I ended up with three girls in my room. After 8 hours of driving and 5 hours of sleep on the agenda, I was ready to meet my hotel pillow, but we inevitably had ourselves some late-night pillow talk.  Chatting among three high school girls brought me back.  I forgot what it was like to be a teenager and trying to figure out the world.  I feel like it’s getting progressively harder for young people to correlate their faith to the world and its ways.  There is so much junk thrown at them via so many venues; it’s tough to discern lies from truth, especially for a young person.

I’m curious to see how God moves this week.  Every single one of these youth chose to spend their spring break at a church retreat, and I know He is going to use that.  Do me a favor and pray for the hearts and eyes of these guys to be open to whatever God has to teach them this week, and for wisdom on our part to minister to these kids. Despite how much sleep loss it requires.


Nine more hours to Myrtle Beach!

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