An Ease-In Workout

Good morning, good morning!

I was so excited to wake up this morning free from illness and injury… and able to hit the gym again for the first time in 3 weeks!



I knew better than to hit it too hard, over-exerting myself and finding myself back to square one with a new injury.  So I took my time doing a looonnng warm-up and several dynamic stretches before doing the following, easy-ish work-out:

ease-in total body

Check out the Exercise Page for pictures of some of the workouts.

It’s definitely not a wimpy workout, but it’s a good total-body circuit to do after a long absence from physical fitness!



I was listening to our local Christian rock station on my way to work when a message came on. I was only half listening until he started talking about Luke 22, just after Jesus was arrested and being beaten by the Roman guards. It says that they blindfolded him, beating him and mocking, “Prophecy! Who hit you?”

I think I’ve always cringed at this brutality, but the radio speaker commented on an additional point: it’s one thing to be struck; it’s another thing to be blindfolded and struck. (Have you ever actually been struck, by the way? I mean, really hit? I haven’t yet, honestly).

But think about it: when you see it coming, you can raise your hands to protect yourself or cringe and “roll with the punches,” as they say. But when you have a covering on your eyes…the you’re just being blind sided.


Have you ever been under a blindsided attack, either physically or spiritually, or both?







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