A Leap of Faith

Hello, hello!

This evening post is coming your way unusually late, but today was a busy day…  We put an offer on a house this morning!


We’re excited about the prospect of being new homeowners, but know that making an offer is only the first step.

Not going to lie, the night before making an offer on the biggest purchase of your life makes for a difficult night’s rest.  Our biggest concern is whether or not this home (or buying any home) is truly what God has planned for us right now.  We’ve been praying primarily for guidance or a clear calling on this home.

A couple things that encouraged us in moving forward is knowing that there is nothing in God’s will that we can screw up.  He is sovereign, and if He doesn’t want this house to be ours, He won’t make it so.  It ultimately comes to using good judgment and the counsel of God’s Word and godly men and women to take a step of faith in the direction of a decision… then trusting God with the result.

leap of faith

Phew!  Knowing that we can’t screw things up as long as we are faithfully trusting and following Him with our hearts and decisions takes a load off!

Waiting for the call back from the seller, but sleeping well tonight.  :)


Have you ever worried about a big life decision?  Do you truly believe that God has all things under His control, and that “He makes ALL things work together for the good of those who love Him?” (Romans 8:28).

3 responses to “A Leap of Faith

  1. Love this! Buying a house is a huge life decision, but it’s important to realize that there are more important things in life! Seems like you have all that in perspective!

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