Spending Christmas a little closer to Bethlehem

It’s strange being so far away from home on Christmas.

But honestly, I’m kind of thankful for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of my Savior apart from the lights and presents and everything else that makes it “feel” like Christmas…

It’s funny how I’ve learned to equate this day to those things anyway.

Like the first Christmas over 2000 years ago, it’s going to be a silent, but oh so holy, night for me.

I can almost hear those angels singing…

(Click to listen to a song that I heard at my church here in Ecuador and has really captured my heart.)

The toll booth my bus passes through every day to and from mis clases de espanol in the city

One response to “Spending Christmas a little closer to Bethlehem

  1. Great song!! Enjoyed it very much thank you… :) Christmas took on a new meaning to me in a way!! Less gifts for me and more gifts for those who need it, it's all I asked for this year was just to give to charities and tell me why they picked those charities!! Really really exciting!!!! (Matt Smanski)

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