Hello all!

I am so behind on blogging about all the incredible stuff that God has been doing here in Ecuador!

This is my last weekend in Quito.  In a few days I leave for Las Tolas, a mountain village in the Andes, to serve in a community and eco-conservation project.  It’s going to be very different than the busy city of Quito, but I’m looking forward to the change of scenery.

Yesterday was my last day at the clinic.  I had grown quite close to the doctors and nurses in the ER, so it was sad to say goodbye. 

My posse after we did our Christmas gift exchange.

Last night the doctors invited me out to celebrate my Despedida, (Farewell party). They took me dancing, which was a perfect way to spend my last weekend in Quito. Ecuatorians know how to move!  I learned some salsa and merengue… Que divertido!  I was a little worried at first about what “going out” would look like, but I found that Ecuadorian dance clubs are different than in the U.S.  Dancing with friends is a typical thing to do on a Friday night, (as often as young people in the U.S. would go to the movies or bowling), and we spent the whole night dancing in our own little circle, (with me trying to move my hips the right way…)  Feeling truly Ecuadorian, I even tried the national beer: Pilsener. (I’m by no means a conseuir, but it wasn’t bad :) But I had a wonderful time.  I love how dancing is such an integral part of the culture, and I wish it were the same back home!

Thank you my Ecuatorian friends for your helpfulness, friendliness, and patience with my Espanol during my month and a half in Quito.  I will miss you all!
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