La Basílica Cathedral

Hello, everyone!
So having lived and worked in Quito, Ecuador for a month and not having visited anything yet, I finally made it out to el Centro Historico part of town– a very old part of the city that is often visited by tourists.
My guide and compañera was the sweet Veronica:
 Mi Profesora de Español y Amiga
We walked to la Basílica, a very old church that took over 120 years to build, (and still remains unfinished today).  It looms 115 meters above the city landscape and is an enormous sight to see.
After walking around wide-eyed for a bit inside the enormous sanctuary, we paid the dos dólares to climb to the roof.  (It was originally only one dollar, but the kid collecting the money caught on that I was a tourist when he heard me speaking in English. You can expect everything to be twice as much for touristas in Quito).  

It was a long way to the top, but very much worth the incredible views!

After walking around a bit, we found a passageway between the base of the towers that led to the bell tower.  I gripped the wobbly rope bridge and iron metal stair railings, wondering if we didn’t instead stumble across a no-access construction zone…

What a neat experience!  It was great to see historical Quito from the top of one of its oldest churches.

Thank you Veronica for the tour!


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