Be here when I get back

So after a lot of prayer, planning, and preparation the trip to Bohol is finally set! Praise God for his faithfulness in meeting a relevant need, buying materials, and raising a team to go to a people struck twice by natural disasters. Unfortunately, because the trip dates conflict with our return flight back to the States, we will be unable to help meet that need in person. But please, join us in prayer as the victims of Yolanda are still in crisis, and will continue to be long after the headlines fade away.
Between relief planning, we had the awesome opportunity to spend time with street children detained in a government facility. In this particular city, the local police will collect any children off the street past curfew and bring them here until they can locate their parents or find an alternative living situation.
Kids swarmed Jason the moment he walked in.
They clung to any kind of attention, especially from an Americano!


After our [much-too-short] playtime, it was time for the children to leave for lunch.  As the group was being ushered out of the room, one girl ran back and said something to me in Tagalog, then fell back in line to leave.  She soon broke rank again to tell me the same thing, this time placing her little hands on my knees.  All I could do was my usual smile and nod as I squeezed her hands, a common gesture when lost in translation.  Later, as we climbed into a taxi bus, the social worker noted my little admirer.

“She likes you.”

“What was it that she was saying?” I asked.

“Be here when I get back, okay? Don’t leave, just be here when I get back.”

2 responses to “Be here when I get back

  1. You two are an inspiration and are amazing people! The world is lucky that you two were brought together and continue to share your love with others. Be safe and take care!

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