It’s Not About the Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching

Well Howdy-do.

How is everyone’s weekend going?

V-day 2014 was a treat.  Jason bought us tickets to a play at our local community theater.  So great.  I was blown away by the talent of the handful of actors that put together All My Sons, a playwright based off a true story and inspired by a 1947 Ohio news article.


It was fabulous.  All you local folks:  check it out at the PM&L Theatre in downtown Antioch.  Everyone else:  I totally recommend looking into a local community theatre for your next date night or ladies night.  Way better than a movie!

This morning before church we got a good leg workout in.  Which totally makes me think of a joke that was circling the Facebook community:

vday legs

Bahaha.  If you lift on a regular basis, that one would’ve gotten a good chuckle out of you.

Breakfast was a quick favorite of mine:


Kale + Banana Smoothie.  I love it when you can throw everything in a blender and get a full breakfast that you can sip in the car on your way to church.  While doing your make-up.  And your hair.

kale and banana smoothie

(This morning I used pumpkin instead of peanut butter.  It just felt like a pumpkin kind of morning. :) )

Church was fabulous-o, per usual.  So was my quiet time, also per usual.

Today’s reading included 1 Timothy 6:9:

But people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction…

I believe it.  It can be easy to get so narrow-minded on money.  It has a funny way of becoming all-important and all-consuming.  So much of what we do as humans is motivated by it.

We were attending an English-speaking church in the Philippines when the pastor shared a news story similar to this one.  (This was after he sang the chorus of Jessie J’s song “Price Tag,” which was hilarious by the way).

Basically, it gave example after example of people who obtained “everything they could ever hope for” in lottery winnings, just to end up broke or alone or miserable or ruined.

Like Paul said in 1 Timothy:  there are too many temptations and harmful desires that can ruin a person who longs to be rich.  Instead, long for God and His will for your life.  Only there will you find true satisfaction.


Do you ever fall into the trap of thinking that money would solve all your problems?

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