Smallest Active Volcano in the World

Kumusta, guys!

So Jason and I found out that the world’s smallest active volcano was located in Tagaytay City, just outside our ministry site in Cavite, Philippines.

So naturally, we added Taal Volcano to our bucket list.

Check her out:


Serving as our tour guide was ACTION missionary Krista. (When she’s not busy making a difference in the lives of street kids, she spends her weekends hiking volcanoes, evidently). :)  

Taal Volcano is unique in that it is a “volcano in a volcano.” It has a lake in the mouth of it, while the volcano itself lies inside a mountain lake that was formed in the mouth of another volcano.  …You follow me?

Lake volcano in another lake volcano… Got it?
(Photo courtesy of

So to get to the base, we had to venture to the island by boat.

Fishermen shanties.
We’re comin’ for ya, volcano.

Once ashore, there are vendors that offer donkeys rides to the top.

Pfft, who needs donkeys in 110° tropical humidity, right?
So of course we start the hour-ish-long hike by foot.

Halfway up, we noticed what we thought was smoke ahead… But upon closer inspection, we realized it was steam venting from the mountain!

Careful not to burn our ankles, we side-stepped the steam pockets and summited the volcano.

What a view.
We could see and smell white sulfur on the shore.
At the end of the day, it was totally worth the trip.
Hike the world’s smallest active volcano… Check!

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