Thursday’s Q&A – Chris C.

It’s Thursday… which means another Q&A!

Time to meet Chris, or as we affectionately call him:  Uncle C.


Jason and I met Chris in college when we got involved with Cru, (an awesome, God-loving campus ministry).  Chris is volunteer staff with Cru and meets with students to mentor, teach, lead Bible studies, and be an incredible resource to students who are growing or seeking in their faith.

In fact, Chris played such an implemental role in our growth spiritually and relationally, that he spoke for a few minutes in our wedding!




Chris is a man that we truly honor and respect, so it is my privilege to feature him in today’s Q&A.

Take it away, Chris!

Thursday Q&A:  Chris C.

54 y/o – Kenosha, WI – a humble window cleaner being used by Christ to change the world

Q: Who is God to you?
Who God is to me isn’t the point.  The point is to understand God as He is and relate to Him as He is.  God is both Infinite and Personal, and I am His.
Q: Do you have quiet times? If so, when and where do you do them, and what do you study?
I do have a daily quiet time, usually around 6am at my desk.  It includes reading Scripture and prayer.  I am also currently studying textbooks on the New Testament, Psalms, and spiritual leadership.
Q: Have a favorite verse?
Philippians 1:21
Q: Do you work out? If so, what’s your routine?
No, I don’t work out.  My joints make it painful to do much of anything aggressively (including my job sometimes).
Q: Favorite food or recipe?
Favorite Food – chocolate, followed by anything I don’t have to cook.


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