Authority Over Sickness

Good Morning, World!

It’s Thursday!

Yesterday was a good day.  Jason and I ended up having a spontaneous lunch date, (I love those).  We were tempted to patronize a chain restaurant in town, but we opted instead to try a local joint that just opened up.  Holler for supporting local and family-owned businesses!

IMG_20140218_123344_426  IMG_20140218_123339_842

It was a BBQ joint, so I got the pulled pork while Jay got the Chicago-style hotdogs.  There weren’t a lot of healthy side options, which was the perfect excuse to dive into a pile of French fries.

Gotta love those cheat meals!  Balance is an important aspect of healthy eating.  :)

This morning’s workout came from the Spartan Race WOD (Workout Of the Day).  Those workouts kick my butt. 

After a good long warm-up, I:

  • Jump roped for 10 min.  (Don’t underestimate!  Jumping rope always gets my heart racing in no time).
  • Did 100 m hard run
  • 10 push-ups
  • Rest 30 sec
  • 100 m hard run
  • 10 jumping lunges
  • Rest 30 sec
  • 100 m hard run
  • 10 pull-ups
  • Rest 30 sec
  • 100 m hard run
  • 10 bodyweight squats
  • Rest 30 sec
  • 100 m hard run
  • 10 burpees
  • Rest 30 sec
  • 100 m hard run
  • 30 crunches
  • Rest 30 sec

I finished before the guys did, so I cooled-down on the elliptical for 10 minutes.


Breakfast was a quickie:


Scrambled eggs and a slice of whole-wheat toast.  I usually throw whatever veggies I have laying around into my egg scramble.  This morning’s toss up was spinach, kale, mushrooms and ham.

In James 5:14-15 I was reminded today of God’s authority over sickness.  This especially struck a cord with me, having just recovered from a pneumonia that left me bedridden and handicapped for days.  It was two weeks into my relentless coughing before someone took a moment to pray with me, asking God for a fast recovery from my illness.  I was surprised; I pray everyday over so many things, but it never occurred to me to surrender my sickness to God.  It actually reveals how much pride I have, my subconscious ego that I’ll get over this myself.  God is the ultimate healer.  Sometimes He just wants to use our weaknesses to teach us how to rely on Him.

Are there any weaknesses in your life that you haven’t surrendered to God yet?

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