A Wintery Afternoon Adventure

Hello, friends!  How were your weekends?

Ours was a restful, family-filled one.  Those are the best kind.

Of course, we didn’t skimp on our workout!  Although the weekends are the best for sleeping in and doing them at two o’clock in the afternoon. ;)


Jason, looking like a boss.


Me, trying to look like a boss.

We did a bicep workout that ended up requiring me to use both hands to lift the milk when we got home…  I’d say that’s a successful workout!

Breakfast was a big ol’ omelet jam-packed with every veggie we had on-hand.  This method makes for no two omelet being the same.


Today’s feature included spinach, green peppers, onion, ham, and mushroom, topped with some fresh, cold avocado.  Mm-mm, good.

This morning in church we started studying Nehemiah.  If you’ve never read Nehemiah, I’m not terribly surprised;  it’s an Old Testament book chronicling the rebuilding of the wall surrounding Jerusalem.  I honestly read it for the first time last year when I started my one-year Bible reading plan.

Nehemiah lived in the 5th century B.C., after the Babylonian exile, when the Israelites were forced to leave their promised land.  Nehemiah worked as the cup-bearer for the King of Persia, a high position of honor and trust of the King.  After he learns that the wall of his ancestors is in ruins, he works up the courage to ask the King for permission to leave his current assignment and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall.  His request is granted, (an absence of 12 years!), but he still has a monumental task ahead of him: to gather the Israelites and motivate/lead them in restoring the Wall of Jerusalem.

It’s a motivating story.  I’ll let you read it for yourself sometime.  :)

After church, I got a call from my dad asking if we wanted to go for a walk.  Jason and I observed the 30-degree weather and tried baiting him with going out to lunch instead.  He wasn’t biting!

So we bundled up and arrived at a State park next to our church.  We weren’t surprised to find our car to be the only one in the parking lot…


Our afternoon walk crew: Jay, my dad, little cousin, aunt, & faithful pup Bella.

It was chilly as we started down an open trail, but as we got walking and running around with Bella, we warmed up fine!



We were just about entering the woods when Dad spots something through the trees.  “Let’s check it out!”, as he deviates the trail and starts brambling through thick brush and deep snow.

You gotta love my dad.

But look what we found!



An old train!  Just sitting on the tracks covered in snow.  Of course we had to climb it.

walk5 walk6

It was too much fun.  I love that my ol’ pop encouraged us to get out and enjoy the day!


walk kiss

Have you ever let the dreary weather prevent you from getting out and enjoying the outdoors?

I almost did today.  Thanks, Dad!

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