Kettlebells & Classrooms

TGIFriday, Folks!

How is your Friday going so far?  I’m on my lunch break at work, and I wanted to share my lunch with you because it’s so delicious:



The protein is my Quinoa + Blackbean Salad, plus some ground turkey meat to boot.  I threw in fresh broccoli and half an avocado to add more veggies and healthy fats to my lunch bowl.  Loved it!

Topping it off with a juicy orange, I feel full and energized enough to handle rowdy first graders for the rest of the day!



I did the same full-body workout that I did earlier in the week, except I used a 20-lb kettle bell instead of the 20-lb dumbbell I used Sunday.  It changed the dynamics just enough to keep it fresh for me.  You use slightly different stabilizer muscles when you change your grip on your weight!


Today during my quiet time, God gave me the idea to do something awesome.  It’s a brand-new, not-even-in-the-works kind of idea, but I want to share it with you anyway.

Inspired by Hope Run Kenosha’s 5k race coming up to raise awareness and funds for sex trafficking happening in our county, I wondered how hard it would be to create a Volleyball Tournament doing the exact same thing.  There are tons of tourneys around here that can bring in a lot of crowds… How cool would it be if one had all the proceeds go to Exodus Cry? And raise awareness of the human trafficking problem in our county at the same time.

What do you think?

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