Switchfoot in Milwaukee

Howdy, folks.  How were your weekends?

Last night Jason and I were in Milwaukee for a Switchfoot concert!


We hadn’t been to a concert in foreverrr, so when our friends invited us downtown to see one of our favorite bands, we were all over it.  In fact, we had coincidently attended the church that Switchfoot grew up in when we were stationed in San Diego!


We headed up early to spend the afternoon strolling historic Third Ward and to enjoy a delicious dinner at the Water Buffalo.  If you’ve never checked out Third Ward in Milwaukee, specifically the Public Market, I definitely recommend it!  It’s a perfect get-together with girlfriends or a great date spot.


Historic Third Ward, Milwaukee


Our buddies, Mat & Ashley.  We were celebrating Mat’s birthday!

The Water Buffalo restaurant has a fun environment with a small but delicious menu.  It’s right off the river in the middle of Third Ward on the corner of the streets “Water” and “Buffalo.”  (Easy to remember, right?)

h2o buffalo


I got the grilled swordfish with couscous.  It was delicious, but had a kick to it!

We had a bit of time to kill before the concert, so we checked out Evolution (also called, EVO) on Chicago street.  It’s a Ping-Pong restaurant and bar!




Ash and I played a giant game of Jenga!

IMG_20140406_191627_121 IMG_20140406_191958_264

The concert was a blast.  Switchfoot put on a great show, and I love knowing where they get their inspiration from.


Jon Foreman ended up making his way to the back where we were standing during one of his songs.  At one point, a kid who was on someone’s shoulders reached his hand out, and Jon held a long high five with the kid through a whole chorus.  It was so sweet.  I love their genuine and humble nature!  As well as all the work they do raising awareness and aid to impoverished children around the world.  We were happy to support them by buying tickets and enjoying their awesome concert.




Who was the last band you saw in concert?

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