Breakfast Burrito and a HIIT Workout

Hello, friends.  How was your Easter?

I think I might’ve eaten a little too much confectionary sugar this weekend…


When peeps attack!


Personally, I love celebrating the day Jesus overcame the grave.  It means more to me than Christmas or Good Friday, because it wasn’t enough for him to be born and to die…  It was when he rose again that he conquered our sin and death!  It’s why we have a hope and promise for what lies ahead.

When you stop to think about it, belief in the resurrection sounds pretty nutty.  I get it.  Coming from a skeptical nature and scientific background myself, I can relate to how someone could seriously struggle with the idea that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again on the third day.  But Pastor Kerry made a valid point during his Easter message:  to be a Christian and not believe in the resurrection completely unravels the rest of Biblical theology.  Everything else we believe in:  God being Creator, His divine nature, His sovereignty and plan for the world, Jesus’ miracles and teachings, Biblical and historical accounts, etc…  It would all fall apart if we didn’t believe that Jesus actually overcame death.  The rest of Christian theology hinges on that truth, and without it, there is no hope in being a follower of Christ.


Do you believe that Jesus truly rose from the grave?  If not, how does that speak to the rest of your belief?


Okay, on to the start of the week.  Today I was up with the rest of ’em at 6am and doing a back and lower body workout.  Check it out:

10x10 back and lowerbody

This was a great workout.  My lats were smoked by the end, which is just the way I like it.  :-)

These are inverted rows, by the way:

inverted rows

You can find pictures of the other exercises on the Exercise Page.


Post-workout meal was a fast breakfast burrito.

IMG_20140418_132315_523 IMG_20140418_132328_930

I chopped up half a green pepper that was left from yesterday’s lunch and threw it in a skillet with some shredded deli ham and a touch of olive oil.  While that sautéed I whisked a couple eggs and a splash of unflavored almond milk in a bowl, then poured it over the ham and peppers.


While that cooked, I spread a couple tablespoons of salsa onto a whole-wheat tortilla, and voila!  Breakfast burrito.



Well, Jason and I are off to look at prospective houses!  We want to get some serious house-hunting in today before I sub the rest of this week.

Have a fabulous rest of your Monday!

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