A Work Lunch

Good morning, friends!

I blog today from the teachers’ staff lounge… 8th grade math today!  I love the variety that substitute teaching provides; no two days are the same.  (From gym dodge ball one day to geometry transformations the next!)



Sometimes I’m short of ideas when it comes to packing a work lunch.  Especially since I think regular lunch sandwiches are both boring and not the most nutritional.  My favorite work lunch is my black bean and quinoa kale salad since it microwaves well (in the staff lounge) and tastes sooo good with fresh, cold avocado slices to top it off.  Yum!

Inspired by that meal but not wanting to cook ground turkey meat the night before, I made today’s lunch:


Black bean and deli ham spinach salad

It was super easy and can be thrown together quickly the night before or even the morning of!  I mixed in a bowl/container:

-half a can of black beans, rinsed
-half a can of sweet corn, drained
deli ham, shredded
salt, to taste
-one large handful of spinach, roughly chopped
-half an avocado, sliced


I enjoy this salad cold, which is great for a work lunch since I don’t really like to microwave meals!


Last night Jason and I attended the first night of our life group.  (I talk a little bit about what a life group or small group is in this post).  It was fun to meet four other new couples whose faces we’ve seen on Sunday mornings, but never met.  I can already tell that after a few weeks of meeting together on Monday nights, studying the word and sharing life, we’re going to get close.  I’m excited for the new friendships, fun times, and spiritual growth!


The life group we left behind in Virginia.


Have you ever been a part of a life group or small group?

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