Working Out the Kinks

Hello, friends.

I’m so bummed that I’ve missed blogging the last two days!  I like posting consistently Monday thru Saturday, but today and yesterday just weren’t happening.  This entirely has to do with my new job.



Monday was my first day stepping into the corporate world.  It’s definitely different than patient care, but I’m really enjoying the change of pace, work, environment, and uniform.  I’m excited for the new experiences ahead.

Meanwhile, I need to figure out where blogging fits into the picture, as this new routine leaves me with little to no time in the evenings.  I’m thinking that I’ll have to really maximize my mornings in order to fit my quiet time, workout, and a blog post before heading out the door.  …This will definitely take some adjusting!

In the meantime, thanks for sticking around as I work out the kinks.

Coming up:
-More work lunches
-A chest and tricep workout
-Experimenting with tofu
-Work outfits for the corporate world
-What it means to be a disciple

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