Fab Friday – April 25, 2014

Why hello, weekend.  :-)

So I know that today is Saturday –AKA: not Friday– but I missed a Fab Friday post yesterday, so here she comes in all her one-day-late glory:


  • Burn by Ellie Goulding

ellie goulding

Jay downloaded this song on his phone a couple weeks ago, and we have listened to it no less than a trillion times since.  It’s so catchy and actually helps motivate us in the gym.  His usual gym playlist consists of much harder rock songs, so it’s pretty funny to hear the girly pop song blare over the speaker system after a series of heavy rock songs… and the other big guys in the gym stop for a second and give us a weird look.


  • Dried Okra


My sister-in-law and I stopped by Wal-mart on our way to her house to make these homemade energy bars, and we stopped at the Nature’s Harvest shelf by the produce section.  Katie frequents this section for their dried veggies, but I hadn’t given them a try before this week.  We picked up a package of dried okra, and snacked on them while we worked in the kitchen.  I loved them!  They were a light snack and weren’t too salty.  Okra is high in fiber, which can make munching on them a treat for your digestive system.  They were a little pricier than what I usually pay for snacks, but I’ll definitely be treating myself to a small pack every once in awhile for some healthy snacking!

  •  Life Group

This week we started meeting with our Life Group.  I loved meeting the new couples that we’re going to be spending the next several Mondays getting to know and studying the Bible with.  If I’ve learned anything from past life groups, it’s that these are the environments that you grow in your faith.  The vulnerability and accountability that comes with a small group of people sharing life together and being intentional in their spiritual conversation is what fosters the most spiritual growth.

I also love that this is a co-ed life group that Jason and I can do together.  ;-)


  • Homemade Energy Bars


Katie and I made these homemade energy bars, and they are sooo yummy.  I love that they make healthy breakfast or snacking as easy as grabbing a bar and heading out the door.  I have a feeling they’ll be popping up on half my posts this week!


There you have it, folks.  All the things I’ve been enjoying this week.  What have you been enjoying lately?


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