Up North Woods

Hello, friends.

Today’s post comes from my phone…as we are on our way to Wisconsin’s north woods! My family has a trailer on a plot of land in the heart of deer country. It’s a haven for hunters and weekend retreaters alike. With snowmobiles, a warm hearth, deer stands and hot, spiced apple cider…we’re in for a were and of fun!

We crashed our friends’ apartment last night in Fond du Lac on our way up. The guys played (you guessed it…) Settlers of Catan while the girls chatted over a glass of wine. 

Jay and I woke up at 6am to our alarm: a crazy series of knocks by our friend Britt. (Gotta love those friends who hold you accountable to an early morning workout!)

Britt and I did a back and bicep max out workout that left our arms smoked. It looked similar to last week’s back and bi.

The guys did a fun workout worth sharing: between the four of them, they had 15 minutes each to lead the group. This was great because all four guys, though athletic, work out so differently… so it made for a diverse, interesting workout! I laughed when they shared with us who picked what. Luke the wrestling coach picked more traditional lifting exercises, where Jason the Marine had them doing buddy carries and firemen carries. Eric our avid sports fan picked 15 minutes of Frisbee and basketball, and Matt the marathon runner put them all on the tread. So great.

Coming back, we showered and packed up while Britt made a delicious breakfast: Pumpkin Protein Pancakes!

I topped mine with all natural peanut butter and a banana. So filling! You can find her recipe on her Thursday Q&A page.

This morning I read the entire book of Philemon! …Okay, so it’s one chapter. ;) The whole book is just a short letter that Paul wrote to a man named Philemon, beseeching him to forgive his servant Onesimus, who had run away. Paul explains that although he had run away, he has since  changed and is ready to return as a hard worker who loves God. Not only does he point out Onesimus’s new usefulness, but he reminds Philemon that as a man of God, he should extend brotherly forgiveness to his fellow man.

It’s a good letter of forgiveness and worth the five minutes it takes to read it. :)

Is there anyone God has put on your heart to forgive?

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