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Evening, all!

Every Thursday I am going to post a Q&A Interview of someone of interest.  This can be valuable and interesting to see how different people worship God in different ways.  (Of course, we’ll throw in some fitness and fun questions, too!)

Let’s take a look at today’s spotlight:


Meet Matt, a long-time buddy.  Back in college you would often see Jason, Matt & myself hanging around together.

Matt is an avid runner.  In fact, one of the coolest things he’s ever done is complete a 500-day running streak, tallying up a total of 791.5 miles!

Let’s hear from him:

Thursday Q&A:  Matt Smanski
26 y/o; Madison, WI; Maintenance Engineer

Q: Who is God to you?
God is love. I have seen in my own life how close God is and how good of a listener he is as well, even though sometimes the prayers he answers he doesn’t answer in the way you expect!
Q: Do you have quiet times? If so, when and where do you do them, and what do you study?
Absolutely, just started again in the new year. I have them every single day, at least 10 minutes a day (usually they go on much longer though, me being a slow reader and taking notes), usually at the condo and I usually read the bible chapters that are on the agenda for my reading plan I’m on.  If I’m not reading the bible, I enjoy listening to Ask John Piper, which is a podcast where he answers questions that he gets from other people and it helps me understand what the biblical path looks like in my life and others.
Q: Have a favorite verse?
I have three haha, my testimony verse is Matthew 11:28 (come to me all who are weary and have heavy burdens and I will give you rest…), Matthew 19:26 (With God All things are possible) which is my Marathon verse, and my all-time favorite verse is Luke 11:36 NLT version which talks about being radiant like a floodlight!!
Q: Do you work out? If so, what’s your routine?
My whole day at work is a workout, but I don’t usually have an actual “work out” that I do right now, hoping to start one soon though since every time we work out, Steph, you kill me. :)
Q: If so, what’s your favorite music to work out to?
If it’s at all possible, I love to listen to worship music when I work out, it gives me a reason to do it and keeps my mind on the important things in life.  If the worship music isn’t working, I usually go to Irish music!!
Q: Favorite food or recipe?
Favorite food, I will say until the day I die is my mothers meatloaf. I guarantee everyone that it is the best meatloaf you will ever eat in your entire lives.  I don’t have a favorite recipe right now, but there’s a taco salad my brother taught me to make that is amazing and it’s pretty much just sour cream, crumpled up nacho chips, thrown into a salad with cheese. I think there’s some kind of sauce with that as well but I forget what it is.
Q: What is something that God has done or is doing in your life that you want to share with the world?
God continues to work in and through my life.  He has done so much that it would take too long to explain it, but one thing that I know Steph likes is how God used me in my first ever Marathon.  I didn’t train for it at all, stretch before, warm-up, or anything and the week before the marathon I was eating king-sized candy bars and red bulls….needless to say everyone thought they’d be peeling me off the ground and I wouldn’t make it, but I did and it was a very rewarding experience to see God use me in that way.  I even created an entire talk around the experience.
[And Matt added this last question…] Q: Are you single?
Why yes I am single and I am ready to mingle!!!! If you are into handsome bearded men who are custodians with a pure heart for God, then you’ve found him!! You are one lucky person and I am honored to meet you!! :) Steph says I can’t add any other questions, so I’ll end it there. God bless and don’t forget to shine bright, HIS glorious light!!! Smile always, love life!

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