Omelets & Leprosy (How d’ya like that for a post title?)

Howdy, folks.

So this pneumonia thing is really cramping my style.  This morning I did my first “workout” in two weeks… and I say “workout” because it didn’t even get my heart rate above 100 bpm…

I did yoga.

Now, I’m definitely NOT knocking yoga –especially Yoga X from the P90X workouts— because some of those sequences are hard.  Having also not done strength training in two weeks, this yoga session had my muscles shaking.  It felt so good to stretch and get moving though, even if it was mostly a static workout!

p90x yoga

Take that, pneumonia.

Breakfast this morning was a delicious omelet, made by my rockstar husband.

IMG_3589   IMG_3592 IMG_3597


With some cottage cheese on the side, this high-protein breakfast done good.  :)

From this morning’s reading plan, I found myself in Luke 17:11-19.  Here Jesus encounters 10 men with leprosy on his way into town.  They all ask of him to have mercy and to heal them of their sickness, to which Jesus sends them to the synagogue.  On their way there, they are miraculously healed!

But the point of the story is that –of the 10 men he healed that day– only one came back, praising and thanking him for what he had done.  Jesus asks of the other nine men, why they hadn’t returned to give God glory for the miracle they had just experienced.

The moral of the story?:  When God answers a prayer or request, you BEST return to give God the glory he deserves!

Think of the last time God did a good work in your life.  Did you respond like the one leper?  Or more like the other 9?

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