Protein Shakes & Marathon Legends

Good afternoon, folks.  Happy Sunday!

This morning’s breakfast was a quickie:


A protein shake, complete with

  • almond milk 
  • rolled oats
  • protein powder (I used GNC’s Amp Whey Protein)
  • cottage cheese
  • honey

After 15 seconds of magic in our “Magic Bullet”, (we call it a magic bullet for lack of a better name…but it’s really just a generic blender that we got at Wal-mart for 20 bucks…and it serves us well!), breakfast is served!


We’re in Milwaukee this weekend visiting our good buddy, Matt.  He goes to Elmbrook Church, which is an awesome community to grow and serve and worship with.


They’re doing a series in the book of Mark, and this week’s message was really great.  I love it when pastors’ genuine love and passion for the Word and truth that’s in it is evident during their talk.  Totally the case this week.

My favorite part of this week’s message was when he talks about the church needing to go out into the world to share Jesus’ message, not just sit and grow larger and more popular, feeding and serving itself.  So true!

You can find the sermon here under the name Heaven Arriving on Earth by Steve Sonderman.

Still restricted from working out due to this ridiculously long episode of pneumonia, I haven’t had an elevated heart rate in exactly two weeks now.  Ah!  But I did learn a very interesting fitness fact in this morning’s sermon, of all places.


Did you know… that the Marathon originated from the Greek story of Pheidippides? (Say that name three times fast…)  Legend has it that he had run from Marathon to Athens, Greece to deliver the message that Greece had defeated the Persians in the Battle of Marathon.  Never stopping along the run –a distance of 25 miles– he arrived in Athens, proclaimed his message: “We won!” …and died.

Crazy, huh?  I always wondered how the seemingly random distance of 26.2 miles (42.19 km) came about.

Have you ever run a Marathon?  Did you feel like Pheidippides when you finished it?

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6 responses to “Protein Shakes & Marathon Legends

    • Awesome, best of luck on your goal! You should check out my buddy Matt’s blog ( He has completed a 500-day run streak before…maybe he can give some tips! :)

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