Steph Mox is Down for the Count!

Hello, friends.

SO, in case you were wondering if I was still around… I have been in bed, sick as a dog, for a solid week!  Jay brought me to the urgent care clinic a few days ago, where I had an exam and a chest x-ray done…to find out that I have…


Pneumonia!  Ick. 

(How do you like my innards?)

Now being sick is never fun, but this thing has totally wiped me out.  Just getting to the bathroom and back does me in.

So sadly, that is why I haven’t posted in almost a week.  Which is such a shame, because SO many great things happened that I have to share with you guys!  Things like:

  • How to plan a budget-friendly & fun-packed vacation weekend
  • The ultimate “homemade energy/snack bars” experiment
  • Reflections on what it really costs to follow Christ
  • 10 tips from a nutritionist that I wish I had known sooner, and
  • Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!  Stay tuned this week while I try to get you guys up to speed.  :)

IMG_20140128_211129_985   IMG_3684 IMG_3654   DSCN1854

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