Quinoa + Blackbean Dinner and Some Crossfit

Hey, heyyy.  Happy Wednesday!

Last night I made a yummy dinner with what I had in the pantry:

IMG_20140222_182858_915  IMG_20140222_182915_382

A quinoa and black bean salad, with breaded tilapia and avocado slices!  Mmm, I really enoyed this meal.  And it was simple and fairly quick to make.  My kind of meal!

I cooked the quinoa using the package instructions, (using vegetable stock instead of water for added flavor), then mixed in black beans, kale, salsa, pepper, and sea salt.  (I would’ve loved to throw in some corn too, but no such luck with the pantry lottery).

The tilapia I seasoned with salt and pepper and breaded both sides with Italian seasoning.  After frying both sides until golden brown, I added it to my bowl of quinoa and a sliced avocado.

Perfect combo!  I’m not too shabby at finding good food to make, but putting those foods together in one dish to make a comprehensively yummy meal isn’t my forte.  Not the case last night!  The salad and the fish go perfect together, and the avocado was the perfect compliment.


This morning we changed up our workout routine… by checking out a local Crossfit gym!

If you’re not familiar with Crossfit, it’s a style of workout that deviates from the traditional strength and cardio training programs.  You can read all about it to your heart’s content at the official website.

I had played around with a few Crossfit workouts before, but never with a certified Crossfit trainer or anything… So I was excited when my husband and I found a flyer in town for a week’s worth of free sessions at a Crossfit gym the next town over!


I didn’t have to work yesterday morning, so we opted to go to the 7am session.  The gym is small (most of the room is captured in the photo above), but chock full of all sorts of Crossfit equipment.  It looks different than a traditional gym: no weight machines, hardly any cardio machines…  Mostly equipment that helps you perform more functional-fitness exercises.  We were excited.  And a little intimidated.

We started with a warm-up not too different than our usual warm-ups, but jumped straight into deadlifts.  We spent some time focusing on and perfecting our form, then completed a kettle bell circuit.  It consisted of three exercises and only lasted 12 minutes, but it kicked our butts!  I was sweating profusely before finishing up and cooling down.  I was impressed!

I don’t want to post the exact workout for integrity’s sake and respect of the gym, but I already know that my future workouts will have some Crossfit influences in it.

Tomorrow we go to the 6am session, and I can’t wait to see what else we’ve got in store!

Have you ever tried Crossfit before?  What’d you think?

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