Perfect Peace

Heyyyy, happy Thursday. :-)

So I’m slowly easing my way into working out again.  I’m still coughing my guts out, but I think this whole pneumonia thing is almost behind me.  Which I’m crazy excited about because I miss my workouts!  (Mental note to future self:  Drink up and rest plenty next time you get the flu!  It’s not worth letting it develop into something more annoying, like say, pneumonia).

I figured a good place to start is weight lifting– I can move at any pace I want as to not over exert the lungs that are still fighting off a bacterial infection, yet I get to work out my muscles with some resistance training.  Holla!

I did a back and bicep workout that looked a lot like this one.  I just used lighter weights since it’s been awhile and only did two reps instead of three.  Slowly but surely!

bicep curl
Time to dust off the free-weights.

The fridge is newly stocked, which means…


Pumpkin Protein Pancakes!  (Scroll to the “food” question of Brittany’s Q&A for recipe).

So filling and yummy and did I mention filling?

I read this morning about perfect peace:

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, whose thoughts are fixed on You.

Isaiah 26:3

Dude.  We’re always looking for peace.  Sometimes I’m craving physical peace–when everything is busy and stressful and trying to juggle too many things in a day.  Or emotional peace–when my heart or feelings are in turmoil over some bad news or a bad day.  Or mental peace–agonizing over a big decision or regret or traumatic experience.

Whatever the case, more often than not, I’m asking God for peace.  And what He’s asking for is trust.

Isaiah 26:3 says that all who trust in Him, whose thoughts are fixed on Him, will experience perfect peace.  And doesn’t that make sense?  If we’re trusting God with the stressors, the conflicts, the outcomes, and our thoughts are fixed on Him instead… what’s left to experience?

Peace, ya’ll.

What is keeping you from experiencing that perfect peace that Isaiah is talking about?  Today’s as good a day as any to start trusting and fixing our thoughts on the Prince of peace.

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