The Energy/Snack Bar Experiment – Pt III

Hello, friends!

My recent posts have revealed the findings that my sister-in-law & I have made conducting the Ultimate Energy/Snack Bar Experiment.  In short, we’re comparing the time, taste, and cost of making energy bars at home, versus buying them at the store!

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Yesterday I shared the Maca Energy Bar recipe we made and how it compared to store-bought brands.  Our findings:

  • Time:  about 30 min.
  • Taste Comparison:  Pretty close to Nature Valley’s Sweet & Salty Nut Mix.
  • Cost:  $1.49/bar, a total savings of:
  • 35% savings, or $12.90 per 16 bars.

maca bars

Not bad!

The day before that we listed our findings about Kamut Dark Chocolate Energy Bars.


But today’s experiment was our absolute favorite…  yummy, yummy No-Bake Protein Bars!

Experiment #3:  No-Bake Protein Bars, (by Angela Liddon).


Mm, mm, these were a hit!  (Especially with the husbands).


True to the original recipe name, these bars were the quickest & easiest of the three recipes we experimented with.


Uncharacteristically, we pretty much stuck to the recipe.  In addition to doubling all ingredients, we ended up using local, all-natural honey as the sweetener and throwing in a couple teaspoons of maca powder for the added nutritional aspects. ;)

IMG_3675  IMG_3667

After popping them out of the freezer, our husbands lost no time in eating them!  I managed to count how many bars we made before they disappeared:  20 bars.


The Verdict

  • Time:  15 min.  Can’t beat that!  The add’l 15 min in the freezer felt like forever, though. ;)
  • Taste Comparison:  Just like a Larabar.  The cookie dough one.
  • Cost:  Larabars that come in a pack of 16 cost an average of $19.99 a box. That’s $1.25/bar.  Our homemade bars:  $0.78/bar.  That’s a savings of:
  • 38%, or $9.39 per 20 bars!

Wahoo!  A definite winner.

You can bet that these will be popping up frequently on this blog!


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