Fab Friday – May 9, 2014

Howdy, folks.  Fab Friday is here!  (Fab Friday posts are where I share all the awesome stuff that I find fabulous lately).  :-)

So let’s get rolling!


  • Tofu

Being a big-time meat-lover, I’ve never cooked tofu before.  I had always viewed it as a meat-substitute.  It wasn’t until I picked up an old Clean Eating magazine and read an article about the health benefits of tofu that I decided to give the spongy soy a try.

I bought a small container of medium firm tofu and would have had no clue what to do with it had it not been for the magazine article that broke down how to prepare and cook tofu step-by-step.  This wiki-how breaks it down pretty well.

IMG_20140408_185514_799 First you have to “press it” to rid of some of the moisture.

    IMG_20140408_190123_237 Then you slice it up, (I like the triangles), and pour over whatever flavoring you prefer, giving it time in the fridge to absorb the marinade of your choice.  I did orange juice.  :)

IMG_20140408_210749_361 After the marinating, I coated my tofu with sesame seeds and coconut (so yummy with the citrusy marinade I chose!), and baked it per oven instructions.

I liked it!  The texture takes a little getting used to, and I have to play around with more recipes, but I’d say overall I had a good first date with tofu. :-)


  • Mother’s Day

I can’t wait for Mom’s Day this weekend!  I’m taking my mom to see the movie Mom’s Night Out on Saturday night.  My church rented a whole theater for the movie Saturday night, so I bought a couple tickets along with my aunts and cousins.  I’m looking forward to a ladies night out with the women I love!



I’ve mentioned this book a couple times this week… It’s the one that our small group is studying together.  Each short chapter covers the basic essentials in being a follower of Christ and is very interactive, (more like a workbook).  I like the structure and the focus of each segment.  (Not a lot of fluff or eloquent text, more like a study guide).  I definitely recommend to a small group looking for a book to study!



What things have you found fabulous lately? :-)

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