Hello, Monday

Good morning, friends!
Happy Monday!  How were your weekends?  Do anything fun for Mother’s Day?
I took my mom to see Mom’s Night Out on Saturday, and it was hilarious!  I forgot that Trace Atkins was in it, and he did a great job.  I definitely recommend it to any mamas or mama-to-be’s out there. :-)


This morning I was running out the door with one heel on and my toothbrush in my mouth… (yes, that kind of morning).  But I did manage to snap a picture of my very hasty breakfast:


Gluten-free english muffin, toasted, with peanut butter and apple slices.  My favorite, quick morning breakfast!


I also grabbed a couple homemade energy bars to eat at my desk to get me through the work morning.  These babies should tide me over until lunch!
I’m looking forward to life group tonight. (We had to cancel last week).  In the meantime, today’s quiet time had me reflecting on the book of Isaiah.  (I had finished it a couple weeks ago).  It’s an Old Testament book that documents the prophecies of the prophet of Isaiah.  This having been my first time reading Isaiah, I never realized how Jesus is all over it, as well as the rest of Old Testament.  There’s actually a popular Bible study called “Jesus Throughout the Old Testament” that I would love to take one day.
Have you ever read Isaiah?  If not, I recommend reading it with a colored marker and highlighting all the passages that mention Jesus.  It’s neat to see how God’s plan for the world was in effect since the beginning of time!
Enjoy the rest of your Mondays, folks.  Catch you tomorrow!

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