Happy Birthday, Fab Friday!

Good Morning, and welcome to See Mox Run’s first official Fab Friday!

A handful of the blogs I enjoy feature a Friday post that shares what movies, products, foods or brands that they are liking that particular week.  I’ve discovered all sorts of new things this way, from face lotions to photo-editing programs to store discounts to new blogs!

Some things to note about Fab Fridays:

  • All opinions are my own, and I will never endorse a product that I don’t believe in!  Sponsorships or endorsements will play very little roles in what I feature on Fab Fridays; I just want to share what I’ve discovered or am using that makes life easier or more enjoyable, and that I would love for others to give a try!
  • Please feel free to jump in on the comments section!  Half the fun of Fab Fridays is hearing feedback or having you guys share what’s been awesome in your life.  Think of it like a girls’ night (or guys’ night!) when you get together and inevitably start sharing what new *whatever* you’ve been using that’s been working great!  I always end up coming home from a get-together with new brands to check out (like replacing coconut oil for lotion?) or new things to try, (like the Hope Run Kenosha!)

So let’s get this first Fab Friday started! :)


  • Twinings of London Tea

When visiting my friend Nicole in Jacksonville, FL, I found this tea in the back of her pantry.  I had never seen Twinings tea before, but I loved their Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea bags!  With the right amount of sweetened almond milk in it, I was a very happy sipper.  I had been trying out new tea brands, and this one is a new favorite!


  • The Practice of Fasting
  • I finished my 3-day fast yesterday, and learned and grew a lot in the process! An additional bonus is the boost of motivation it gives me towards healthy eating. After detoxing from the junk that was in my system, it’s nice to have a “clean slate” to fill with wholesome foods.


  • The Environmental Working Group website
  • Speaking of healthy eating, this site is my go-to for referencing the health and safety of a food or product. It ranks thousands of products in terms of safety, explaining what harmful active ingredients are in it, the level of toxicity, and study-supported side-effects. It’s a fabulous resource!

    Well, there you have it folks. See Mox Run’s first Fab Friday.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday!



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