A Great Appetizer

Holla, it’s Hump Day!

How was everyone’s Tuesdays?  It felt funny missing a blog day, but sometimes you just have to reprioritize things as they come.  When the day got jam-packed and it boiled down to a blog post or a full night’s rest… sleep won out.  It doesn’t always, but sometimes it just needs to.  It’s the ability to balance priorities and have the big-picture perspective of knowing what can give and when.  (For instance, sleep is important, but if it always won out, there’d be no blog!)  Priority with Perspective.


Last night was our turn to bring food to life group.  I was busy all day with work, which meant that it was up to Jason to handle the snacks.  “Don’t worry, I got it.”  Not gonna lie, I was half expecting him to show up with beef jerky and donuts, but check it out!:


Not bad, eh?  He cut up mozzarella cheese into slices and topped them with fresh tomatoes, spinach, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette.  So delicious!

This is my favorite dish to make and have brought it to many a Bible study or small group function.  It’s easy, tasty, and kind of fancy.  ;-)

When I let out a surprised, “Wow, Jay. Nice job!”, he went on to explain that he walked around Walmart for 45 minutes asking, “What would Steph do?”  Hahaha, what a guy.

Along with some freshly baked (from a container) chocolate cookies, I’d say life group snack was a success.



In an effort to join the fight against sex trafficking, I signed up for the Hope Run Kenosha 5k race this June.  Realizing that I haven’t actually run in awhile, (HIIT and tread workouts are great/my favorite, but they’re not exactly equivalent to running!), I thought I’d dig up the running shoes and hit the pavement.  Between not having run in awhile and getting older–(Yes, 26 is older!)–, I actually have to work up again to a comfortable and decently paced 5k distance.  I wasn’t originally planning on running it competitively, but I’m thinking about setting a personal goal/PR to motivate myself into training for it.  Races have a great way of doing that!



I started the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes last week and am already almost done with it.  It’s a short book that details the journey of King Solomon as he discovers the meaning of life.  If you haven’t read it before, (or haven’t in awhile), I definitely recommend you read it.  It would be worth everyone’s time to read Ecclesiastes and take a moment to examine life, it’s purpose, and our reason for doing what we do everyday and for the rest of our days.
Have you read the book of Ecclesiastes?  Do you agree with his final statement, the meaning of life?
Enjoy the rest of your hump day, folks!



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