Fab Friday – May 16, 2014

Howdy, folks!  Happy Friday!
Here’s a Fab Friday post for ya, (sorry that it’s posted so late in the day! At least it’s still Friday… ;-)
Things I’m finding fabulous lately:
  • Desk plants

After three weeks at my new job, my desk started to feel a little blah.  So as an early birthday gift, my sis-in-law got me a desk plant!

desk plant

Bamboo!  I love having something fresh, green and alive near my work space.  The splash of color, (as well as the extra oxygen!), does miracles for the work day.  Loving it!
  • This appetizer


This week for Bible study, Jason tried his hand at making the snack.  The much unanticipated result?  Classy tomato basil mozzarella!  Not bad, husband o’ mine.

  • The movie: Mom’s Night Out


I took my mom to see this movie last week for Mother’s day, and it was hilarious!  I loved the style of comedy, as well as the fact that it was perfectly clean humor.  My favorite part?  Trace Adkins as biker dude, “Bones!”


  • Protein Bars


These bites of joy have gotten me through many a work morning this week.  Making a bunch of them the weekend before makes for an easy grab-n’-go snack.  The only problem?  They ran out way too fast!

You can find the recipes here.


  • Liquid Fish Oil

Fish oil capsules

We’ve been taking omega-3 fish oil supplements for awhile now.  I was familiar with the health benefits of omega-3 in college and started buying the large gel capsules shortly after we got married.  But recently I learned of the importance of the quality of oils you buy.  If the oils aren’t processed correctly, then the molecular integrity can be compromised, leading to the risk of modified components, (i.e. not omega-3’s!)  Since the make-up of the omega-3’s is modified, your body no longer registers them as heatlhy fats, but rather a toxin.

In other words, you might be paying for toxin supplements!
Always having been someone who defaulted to the least expensive brand, I naturally bought the least expensive fish oil capsules on the shelf.  I figured that fish oil was fish oil, right?  But after I learned about the importance of quality, I resolved to buy omega-3’s of the highest processing standards.  They cost a bit more, but anything you pay for a sub-standard supplement is going to be a waste of money, right?
So here’s my first go at organic fish oil omega-3:
fish oil
Eating fish oil in liquid form creeped my out a bit at first, but it actually tasted really good, as well as gets absorbed faster.  They come in several natural flavors, so I tried out the Orange Swirl.  (They were out of Pina Colada ;-) )
*I thought it’d be worth noting here that I am not sponsored in any way by the above brand of fish oil.  I geniunely tried them out per the health food store clerk, and liked it!
 For more in-depth reading about fish oils, check out this blog post.
Okie dokie, that’s all I have, folks!  What fabulous things have you been enjoying this week?

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